What We Do


The Naomi Project facilitates workers’ rights trainings at churches, non-profits, or wherever we are invited.  At these trainings, we cover the basics of what people’s rights are regarding wage and hour, workplace injury, and in situations of labor trafficking.  We also share patterns of injustice across different industries so that workers have a head’s up of what to look out for. These workers’ rights trainings are led by worker-leaders who speak from their own personal experience of injustice.

Worker Accompaniment

In addition to educating people about worker rights and strategies workers who have suffered injustice could pursue, we walk with people who seek to recover stolen wages, appeal denied workers’ comp cases, or apply for T-visas in cases of labor trafficking.  In doing so, we support people who may be feeling discouraged about achieving justice in their situation and provide ongoing feedback and encouragement as people take the next step in their road to justice.

Leadership Development

Beyond wanting to see stolen wages paid in full, unjustly denied workers’ comp cases successfully appealed, and t-visa applications approved, we want workers who for different reasons are more vulnerable to injustice to be equipped to stand up for themselves and others in the work place.  This means that in addition to workers’ rights trainings, we facilitate community organizing trainings on power and the effective means by which we can move employers to do the right thing.

Naomi project worker training
Jordan Bruxvoort at Naomi Project worker training