Who We Are

For many of us, the struggle is not simply to get out of bed, go to work, and take care of our family; at our job things happen that increase our burden.  Employers refuse to pay us for our work or pay only in part. The work is dangerous, and our bodies suffer, but our employer refuses to take responsibility. Or worse.

For us the Naomi Project began–inspired by the example of Naomi who helped her immigrant daughter-in-law Ruth understand what her rights were as an immigrant and a worker, how she could exercise those rights, and establish herself in her new land. Following in Naomi’s footsteps, we lead workers’ rights trainings throughout the community on important topics such as wage and hour, workers’ compensation, and labor trafficking. We accompany workers whose rights have been denied, and we develop worker-leaders who can stand up for themselves and others in the workplace.

Naomi Project training